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About the Trade Up Program

Imagine that you find your dream home, submit an offer, and it gets rejected because you have another home to sell, first. The seller does not want to be bothered by a home sale contingency, meaning that you need to sell your home before buying another. What a mess!!

The Trade Up program is the answer to your problem! When a home is listed with us at the Orlando Home Team, it comes with a huge benefit!  When a buyer is interested in purchasing a home listed with the Orlando Home Team, the seller does not need to worry about a home sale contingency. We will step in and purchase the buyer’s home which allows the buyer to immediately purchase the home they want.

If you purchase a new home listed with the Orlando Home Team, we’ll buy your current home from you. Basically, you’re trading in your old home for a brand new one! We’ve eliminated the worry and waiting you’ll encounter while trying to sell your current home.