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Getting Started As A New Agent


Where do you start?

  • The first step in becoming an agent is to complete a 63-hour course approved by the Florida Real Estate Commission.

    • A really great course is taught by Climer Real Estate School and only costs $230!

  • The next step that you’ll need to complete is submitting your DBPR RE 1 Form with a fee of $105.

  • You will then need to have your electronic fingerprints taken through Promissor.

    • A fee of $56.25 will be paid directly to the vendor.

  • Next, you will need to successfully complete the state examination.

    • This can be taken on Pearson Vue for only $125.75.

  • Congrats! You’re almost done! You will now need to register with ORRA (Orlando Regional Realtor Association).

    • Here is a list of dues required to register with ORRA, and also where to go to register.

  • Lastly, you will need to activate your MLS Account.

    • There is a new member (one time) activation fee. It is $90 plus your monthly proration.

    • For example Nov. 2018 would be $90 + monthly fee of $221.65. The total would be $311.16.

The grand total for the entire process is $1,743.49!

Congrats! You’re officially set up as an

Orlando Real Estate Agent!